Quality guaranteed

Basra Date Syrup is produced by Frumarco. Frumarco is IFS Higher Level certified and thus meets the strictest food safety requirements. Frumarco carries out the entire production process, from the beginning to the end. Frumarco is also known for its high delivery reliability.

The cooking process

The dates are imported from the Mediterranean. The dates are first pitted. In order to squeeze the juice from the dates, they must be cooked for 2 to 3 hours in large stainless-steel kettles. During cooking juice is released from the fruits. The heating causes the juice to turn brown and, actually even more important, the taste develops. Then the fruits are ready for the next step in the process.

Filter and thicken

By pressing the fruit mass through the filter bags of a large press, the juice is separated from the fruit mass. The fruit pulp that remains is very nutritious and is therefore used as animal feed. That way nothing is wasted. The juice that comes out of the press is very liquid and diluted. At that moment it does not have a long shelf life yet. Thickening the juice increases the shelf life. By purifying and then evaporating the juice the amount of water in the juice decreases to 60%. This results in a concentrate that can be preserved and stored in large tanks.


The dates used for Basra Date Syrup are harvested from October to December. Therefore, it is necessary to build up a stock for the whole year. Frumarco has built large storage tanks. One tank contains between 25.000 kg and 620.000 kg of concentrate. Thanks to this stock, date syrup can be produced all year round.

Preparing for export

The concentrate forms the basis of the date syrup. According to an authentic recipe and our advanced production process, the Basra Date Syrup is mixed with the other ingredients. This results in the date syrup as the consumer knows it. Once in the package, the syrup must first cool down. The cooling process takes place in a cooling tunnel so that it runs evenly and quickly. After the syrup has cooled, it is packed in a box of 12 glasses and stacked on pallets. Now it is ready to be exported.

The beginning of Basra Date Syrup

It was 1997 when the idea emerged to start producing a well-known Iraqi date syrup in Europe under the name of Basra. Through a connection Mr. Maan got in contact with the family business Frumarco. Frumarco is a Dutch producer of fruit syrups and is now managed by the seventh generation of the Visschers family. The idea of date syrup appealed to the Visschers family and in 1998 the actual production started.

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