The story behind Basra Date Syrup

The brand Basra represents a special product and a special story. This special story starts with the name Basra. When you do an online search for the word Basra, you will discover that it is the name of the second largest city in Iraq.

Thanks to the Iraqi roots of Mr. Maan (the founder of Basra Date Syrup), his knowledge of date syrup and the market and years of close collaboration with producer Frumarco, Basra Date Syrup has gained a lot of popularity in recent decades.

From Iraq to the Netherlands and beyond

It was 1997 when the idea emerged to start producing a well-known Iraqi date syrup in Europe under the name of Basra. By chance Mr. Maan got in contact with the family business Frumarco. Frumarco is a Dutch producer of fruit syrups and is now managed by the seventh generation of the Visschers family. The idea of date syrup appealed to the Visschers family and in 1998 the actual production started. A small first batch was realized and favorable reactions poured in. Basra Date Syrup distinguished itself from other long-standing date syrups by its high quality. When a large and well-known producer in Iraq stopped with the production of date syrup the Visschers family and Mr. Maan saw opportunities for a larger market share. They decided to contact clients of their former competitor and to get them interested in the Basra Date Syrup. This contributed to a further growth of Basra.

No crystallization and rich in minerals

Of course, the question that rises is, how a date syrup that is produced in a Western country becomes the most favorite date syrup? The guiding principle in the production of Basra is quality. By using high quality dates and a recipe and production process which has been continuously refined, Basra Date Syrup does not crystallize, for example. Crystallization is a common phenomenon with date syrups. With Basra Date Syrup the consumer can enjoy a tasty and good product to the last drop. The liquid structure makes Basra Date Syrup ideal for usage in Oriental as well as in Western cuisine.

“The amount of minerals in the Basra Date Syrup gives the body extra energy and strength” Mr. Maan explains. “This is one of the reasons why people eat a lot of it. These characteristics combined with its taste make some people compare it to candy, healthy candy of course. That’s how much people love it!”.

We stay close to the strength of the product

Nowadays there is an excellent collaboration, involvement, and respect between Mr. Maan and his family and the family business Frumarco. The fact that his 3 daughters are also involved in this collaboration makes him proud. Two real family businesses are committed to the Basra Date Syrup brand that he once started. It is remarkable that the current market share originated without very active marketing efforts. This is a clear example that word of mouth works when people are genuinely enthusiastic about a good product. To introduce even more people worldwide to this delicious and authentic Basra Date Syrup the team decided to further make its mark in the world market with the Basra Date Syrup brand. The Basra team also investigates possibilities to introduce additional products to the market in the future. “It is important to stay close to the strength of our product and its quality, this is the only way to achieve an excellent product every time again”, Mr. Maan concludes.

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