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Basra Date Syrup is an authentic date syrup. The date syrup is produced according to the idea of Mr. Maan, the creator and founder of Basra Date Syrup, by Frumarco, also known for fruit syrup brands such as Frutesse and Timson. Since 1997 both family businesses have been working together in producing Basra Date Syrup.

In addition to a delicious sweet taste, Basra Date Syrup also has several other benefits. Thanks to the recipe and an advanced production process that is continuously being refined, Basra Date Syrup does not crystallize. Crystallization is a common phenomenon in date syrups. Because Basra Date Syrup does not crystallize, you can enjoy a tasty and high-quality product until the last drop. The liquid structure makes Basra Date Syrup very suitable for food preparation. Whether you are cooking or using it to flavor a dish, Basra Date Syrup is your sweet seasoning.


Thanks to the recipe and the advanced production process, which is continuously being refined, we sell a date syrup of the highest quality.

Gluten free

Does not crystallize

Delicous taste thanks to the large amount of fruit

Minimum shelf life of 3 years

Without preservatives

100% natural sugars

Curious about the production process? We will gladly tell you more.

The story behind Basra Date Syrup

The brand Basra represents a special product and a special story. This special story starts with the name Basra. When you do an online search for the word Basra, you will discover that it is the name of the second largest city in Iraq. Thanks to the Iraqi roots of Mr. Maan (the founder of Basra Date Syrup), his knowledge of date syrup and the market and years of close collaboration with producer Frumarco, Basra Date Syrup has gained a lot of popularity in recent decades.

From Iraq to the Netherlands and beyond

It was 1997 when the idea emerged to start producing a well-known Iraqi date syrup in Europe under the name of Basra. Through a connection Mr. Maan got in contact with the family business Frumarco. Frumarco is a Dutch producer of fruit syrups and is now managed by the seventh generation of the Visschers family. The idea of date syrup appealed to the Visschers family and in 1998 the actual production started.

Basra is an A-brand through working with the best ingredients and producer

Where can I buy Basra Date Syrup?

Basra Date Syrup is available at shops in many countries. Basra Date Syrup is currently being exported to several European countries, the United States of America, Canada, and Australia.

Is there no shop near you that sells Basra Date Syrup? In various countries you can also find the product at Amazon.


Dates grow on date palms and are among the oldest cultivated fruits in the world. Thousands of years ago, people became familiar with the benefits of the date palm and its fruits. Besides the fact that dates are tasty, one of the advantages is that date syrup can also be used as a sweetener. Ancient cuneiform scripts from Mesopotamia (as it was called in the period of about 3400 – 600 BC. The region where present-day Iraq and some parts of Syria, Turkey, and Iran are now located) refer to the syrup as the most important sweetener of the time.


It is always nice to inspire other people with the use of date syrup in dishes. Do you have a date syrup recipe that you would like to share with others? Send us your recipe, containing a clear preparation method and list of ingredients. Who knows, you may find your recipe here on our website. We always include a picture with every recipe. You increase the probability of placement if you send a good and clear (self-made) picture of your dish.

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