Basra Date Syrup is an authentic date syrup. The date syrup is produced according to the idea of Mr. Maan, the creator and founder of Basra Date Syrup, by Frumarco, also known for fruit syrup brands such as Frutesse and Timson. Since 1997 both family businesses have been working together in producing Basra Date Syrup.

Basra Date Syrup is now sold in many countries on different continents and the demand continues to grow. In countries where Basra Date Syrup is already available, there are still regions where the product is not yet sold. As a result, we still have great growth potential worldwide, which is why we are looking for new partners in various countries worldwide. Partners that resell Basra Date Syrup to shops through their own distribution center or wholesale channel. Expand the network of our premium product Basra Date Syrup together with us and become a distributor.

Basra Date Syrup

Basra Date Syrup is packed in glass jars with screw caps. The content of a jar is 450 grams. Each jar has a product label with product information in different languages.


    30 pallets of ± 1400 glasses per pallet


    ± 27,000 glasses, stacked in boxes of 12



Thanks to the recipe and the advanced production process, which is continuously being refined, we sell a date syrup of the highest quality.

Gluten free

Does not crystallize

Delicious taste thanks to the large amount of fruit

Minimum shelf life of 3 years

Without preservatives

Several packaging possibilities

100% natural sugars

Do you want to contribute and grow together with the success of Basra Date Syrup by becoming a distributor?

The Basra Date Syrup market

The map below roughly shows in which countries distributors sell Basra Date Syrup and in which countries we are currently looking for distributors. Are you a distributor and are you interested in selling Basra Date Syrup? Please contact us via the contact form on this page.

The production process

Basra Date Syrup is produced by Frumarco. Frumarco is IFS Higher Level certified and thus meets the strictest food safety requirements. Frumarco carries out the entire production process, from the beginning to the end. Every step in the process is executed with the utmost care. An important part is the heating during the cooking process. During cooking juice is released from the fruits. The heating causes the juice to turn brown and, actually even more important, the taste develops.

The story of Basra Date Syrup

The brand Basra represents a special product and a special story. This special story starts with the name Basra. When you do an online search for the word Basra, you will discover that it is the name of the second largest city in Iraq. Thanks to the Iraqi roots of Mr. Maan (the founder of Basra Date Syrup), his knowledge of date syrup and the market and years of close collaboration with producer Frumarco, Basra Date Syrup has gained a lot of popularity in recent decades.

Become a distributor of Basra Date Syrup

Do you also want to contribute and grow together with the success of Basra Date Syrup? Become a distributor. Together we conquer the world!

It is possible to become a distributor starting with a minimum purchase of a full truck or sea container. A truck contains about 30 pallets of ± 1400 glasses per pallet and a shipping container contains about 27.000 glasses, stacked in boxes of 12. Orders can be picked up at the factory in Beesel in the Netherlands or delivered to wholesalers or warehouses via transport worldwide. The price we use is always exworks Beesel. In addition, we also offer the option to supply FOP or FCA. The FOP or FCA costs are always charged separately. The delivery time depends on the location and production is always started after mutual agreement.


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